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Southeast Recreational Travel Guide

About Bobbi of Linked Up Media

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After working in Advertising & Marketing for 20 years for a corporation and meeting many amazing people, it became time to start my own business which was always my dream. I didn't know it would be in Advertising and Marketing! It just worked out that way, and I am very thankful and have had a lot of fun with and still do. My business name is Linked Up Media which I started solely for Advertising & Marketing.

A couple of years into running my small business, Covid hit our world, changing all of our lives. It made it impossible to go in and see business owners in person and work with them directly, which pushed me to work with business owners over the phone and email. I still offer Advertising and Marketing as my #1, but my business plan did change from how I started it. Being a small business owner, I had to get creative and expand into different avenues to make a living. My business plan now includes 3 different concepts: Advertising and Marketing, of course, then I invested in office equipment and trailers and put together a Clerical Support Unit to support Wildland Fires with a full-functioning office service on wheels! Once again, this is an adventure that I never thought I'd find myself on, however, I enjoy it and I'm still meeting many fun, hardworking people! It certainly has brought on a new appreciation for everyone that works on the Wildland Fires as there are many moving pieces behind the scenes you don't hear about. Next, I decided to start an Adventure Travel Guide, Eastern Utah Adventure Travel Guide! This project has taken a bit longer to put together than I thought it would, as my vision is to share with you everything that Carbon County & Emery County have to offer as far as Adventure, Activities, Festivals, and a lot of other fun experiences that many don't realize exists. As you can see, there is also a website supporting this guide as there are just too many trail maps to include and local businesses that wanted to participate in this adventure with me - many of which have offered special discounts for you!

Eastern Utah Adventure Travel Guide actually started from a phone book! Yes, you heard correctly. I began my Advertising journey by selling yellow page ads. My mom, Diana Wilson started me into this adventure of Marketing and Advertising as she is an Advertising Rock Star! We've worked together in this field for the past 20 years - before I started my small business, my mom started her own business creating awesome phone books in a few select areas. She has since decided to retire and spend more time with my dad. Because phone books have become obsolete due to advancing technology, I decided to transform her local phone book into this travel guide. I was raised in Emery County and have lived in Carbon County now for 8 years with all of my family including my children and grandchildren. I frequently rode my horse many miles with my dad who was always showing me different things in all of these areas. This was how I grew to love my country lifestyle, where I decided to raise my children, carrying on the tradition of living in such a beautiful area. As you go through the guide you'll see just how much there is to see and do in both Carbon & Emery County. I'm excited to share this guide with you!

Southeast Utah Adventure Travel Guide

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