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Southeast Recreational Travel Guide

State & National Parks in Southeast Utah

There's no better way to enjoy what Southeast Utah has to offer than to visit the parks and reservoirs of the region. Check out the featured ones below:


Millsite State Park

Canyon-view nature site beside a reservoir with fishing plus campsites, golf & mountain biking.

huntington state park winter

Huntington State Park

Featuring a tremendous reservoir and campground, it is certainly popular with the locals considering the warm water and remote location.

red rock formations in goblin valley

Goblin Valley State Park

Mushroom-like sandstone formations & eroded cliffs draw hikers & campers to this park with 3 trails.

train moving through price canyon

Price Canyon Rec Area

Enjoy cooler temperatures beneath the shade of the Ponderosa Pines found all around the region during your camping or day trip.

river in scofield state park

Scofield State Park

Located in the Manti-La Sal Mountains, this state park offers a great 2,800-acre lake perfect for boating and fishing.


Manti-La Sal National Forest

Perfect for those looking to hike or mountain bike, the forest consists of 3 mountain blocks with terrific backdrops.

green river arerial view

Green River State Park

In addition to a great boat launching spot on the river, the State Park also offers a great 9-hole golf course just off the river.

red desert flowers

Cedar Mountain Recreation Area

Boasting a total of 100,000 acres, the Cedar Mountains offer all the space in the world for activities such as camping, mountain biking, and most anything else.

couple with fishing gear

Joe's Valley Dam

Also located within the Manti-La Sal National Forest, at 7,000 feet, the Dam offers great boating and fishing.

Southeast Utah Adventure Travel Guide

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