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Southeast Adventure Travel Guide

Visit Bluff, Utah

Tucked between sandstone cliffs and the San Juan River. Rich in human and natural history, Bluff is a central point along the Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway, serving as a gateway to quintessential Southeastern Utah destinations such as Monument Valley, Bears Ears National Monument, Valley of the Gods and Hovenweep National Monument.

Ancestral Puebloans were the first to settle the area, leaving behind an impressive array of rock art, abandoned dwellings, and other artifacts as clues to their lives in this harsh desert landscape. Nomadic Paiute, Ute, and Navajo tribes also traveled through the Bluff region, leaving their own archeological marks as well as modern-day influences on the local culture. Mormon pioneers hoping to establish a farming community along the San Juan River founded historic Bluff City during the famous “Hole in the Rock” expedition of 1880.

Boutique lodges, inns, and guesthouses offer unique accommodation options for visitors, along with several campgrounds and RV parks. Dining in Bluff is marked by distinctly local, unfussy bistros and cafes serving up comfort food in cozy settings.

Bluff Fort

In 1880, Mormon pioneers went looking to establish a mission on the San Juan River in an area that was known to be a hideout for lawless men.

Seventy families consisting of 250 men, women, and children left the community of Escalante to put roots down in Bluff. They endured harsh winter conditions and perilous overland travel and established the now-famous Hole-in-the-Rock-Trail.

When you visit this area, you’ll really get a feeling for what life was like as a pioneer.

Southeast Utah Adventure Travel Guide

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