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Southeast Adventure Travel Guide

Explore Blanding, Utah

The gateway to Bridges. The gateway to the Trail of the Ancients. The gateway to Arches. The gateway to Goosenecks. Come to think of it, it would actually just be easier to tell you what Blanding isn't the gateway to, which in short is absolutely nothing. Blanding is its own little coop with hometown hospitality and small-town vibes. See everything Southeastern Utah has to offer minus a pack of tourists blocking your camera view.

Bears Ears National Monument

A pair of towering buttes stand against beautiful scenery. The twin buttes are so distinctive that in each of the native languages of the region their name is the same: Hoon'Naqvut, Shash Jáa, Kwiyagatu Nukavachi, Ansh An Lashokdiwe, or in English: Bears Ears.

Bears Ears National Monument includes red rock, juniper forests, high plateau and an abundance of early human and Native American historical artifacts. The Navajo Nation, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Hopi Nation and other tribes are extremely tied to this land.

Goosenecks State Park

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Edge of the Cedars State Park

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Dinosaur National Monument

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Four Corners Monument

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Southeast Utah Adventure Travel Guide

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